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For you I will (Confidence)

Teddy Geiger For you I will (Confidence) Raphaël Roy C# (0-0-X-11-11-9) B (0-0-8-9-9-7) A (0-0-6-7-7-5) E5 (0-0-9-9-7-0) D# (0-0-8-9-7-0) F# (0-0-3-4-4-2) E* (0-0-8-9-6-0) Db (0-0-6-7-4-0) Intro: C# B A C# B A C# B A Wondering the streets, in a … Continue reading

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grrr@bus drivers

Bus drivers, in my opinion are the lowest form of humans on this planet. The journey to work this morning took a grand total of 1 hour and 8 minutes, the first bus stopping a total of 27 times, the … Continue reading

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