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I want one of these!! http://blog.deadlycomputer.com/2006/09/17/458/

iplayer for Macs by 2008 – Linux?

The BBC will launch a player/download application for Mac users before the end of 2008. Surely if they can do this for Macs they can do this for Linux??? I use the iplayer most days – its a shame that certain developers and software houses are relying on incompatible activeX software to write stuff that appeals to the masses!

Not fully functioning AGP Support ? ATI 2400HD AGP

Well the guys at work have started a Counter Strike Source clan so I decided it was a good time to upgrade my graphics card in my main machine. My main machine is an aging Compaq Preasrio (S5100UK) which unfortunatly only has an AGP slot available. I chose an ATI Radeon (gecube) HD2400pro (256mb), the AGP version obviously. The card seems nice. 2d support in windows (xp) is great and it runs my 24″ acer tft much better than my onboard chip used too. However, when trying to run Steam the games do not load. They crash and juts return to Windows with no visible error message. It turns out that ATI have failed to fully support direct3d in the driver. GRRR! After spending hours trying to use older drivers, third party builds, browsing blogs on the net, I am left with a card that simply wont provide direct3d for my system. Now if i want to play CS I will have to either use the lappy or take this card out and return to my nvidia onboard chipset. Nice on ATI! (not!!) I really hop the next version of the driver realease will include a fix for this.