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I’ve been using Vagrant as part of my development process for about 6-8 months now. It makes it so much easier – I’m not too sure how I managed before! I now include a Vagrantfile (it’s config) with every project/repo … Continue reading

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First starts on the Wearable App & API

The other night I started making the initial app (android) which will work with the Wearable API. Initial input & output methods were explored and implemented in a basic application. The idea was to start with finding out what ways … Continue reading

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Grab album art from Google image search

Whilst working on some Shoutcast scripts, I thought it would be cool to grab the album art of the current playing song to display. I googled for services, but none seemed suitable. (If you know of one, please leave a … Continue reading

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Facebook API

In recent weeks at ID we’ve been doing a lot of work with the Facebook API to create more social interaction on some new upcoming projects. The API is HUGE and very versatile. Once you have created an app you … Continue reading

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