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Expanding your LVM with a new disk

Our Debian LVM was getting a bit full so we got two new 2TB drives. We’ll add one of these to our LVM to increase the space. First of all check to see if your new disk has been seen … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Hackintosh Build Notes Z77-DS3H i5 Gigabyte GT220 1GB

**** Update 24th July 2014 **** Re-visted my Hackintosh build tonight. Some things seem to have changed in the most recent release of Unibeast (Mavericks) I couldn’t get it to boot for what seemed like years. Eventually I figured out … Continue reading

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VM Management with Archipel

For a while now I’ve been experimenting with virtual machines on a variety of software & hardware solutions. The one issue which always bugged me was finding a nice web tool (or even writing one) where I could manage all … Continue reading

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First starts on the Wearable App & API

The other night I started making the initial app (android) which will work with the Wearable API. Initial input & output methods were explored and implemented in a basic application. The idea was to start with finding out what ways … Continue reading

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