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Fix scrolling on Synergy clients

I have a number of systems & monitors on my desk, and one thing which has irked me for long time is scrolling didn’t work on one of my linux synergy clients. Today I needed to fix it! With a … Continue reading

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Best Operating System for me.

Over the years I’ve changed my operating system a lot. Sometimes too regularly. A lot if my day to day work is managing remote servers over SSH or RDP. OSX I’ve been using a Mac mini at work now for … Continue reading

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Expanding your LVM with a new disk

Our Debian LVM was getting a bit full so we got two new 2TB drives. We’ll add one of these to our LVM to increase the space. First of all check to see if your new disk has been seen … Continue reading

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VM Management with Archipel

For a while now I’ve been experimenting with virtual machines on a variety of software & hardware solutions. The one issue which always bugged me was finding a nice web tool (or even writing one) where I could manage all … Continue reading

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