Debian can be installed from Windows!

Install Debian from within Windows

That is right, Debian has got itself a new Win32 installer. This new software is targeted at people who are not too tech savvy to know the steps needed to burn the Debian ISOs on to a CD/DVD. The first time I read the news, I wondered how it was any different from installing Linux on a UMSDOS filesystem ? It is very different it seems…

The setup consists of a Debian installer loader which merely downloads a Debian netboot installer – you can choose between a GUI install and a text based install. And in the next reboot of the computer, Grub loads and prompts you to either boot into Windows or initiate the Debian installation. This is made possible by utilizing the services of Grub4DOS which is a GRand Unified Bootloader which uses the grub console GDLR which can be loaded from within the Windows boot manager.

Once the Debian installer starts, the rest of the steps are the same as those you would carry out in a normal installation of Debian. So you have the option of repartitioning your hard disk from within the installer and dual boot between Debian and Windows or entirely wiping out your Windows OS to make way for Debian.

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