DIY Rack Cabinet

In my last update you may have noticed a link to a DIY homemade rack cabinet. Ive been wanting one for a while, but didnt fancy spending a couple of hundred quid on one from ebay. At the moment I just have a few single rackmount units – switch, raq3 and a load of Dell GX110 base desktop base units. It just so happens that IKEA do a nice unit which is precisely the right width for rackmount components. 😀

I mentioned it to Sam one night and said to her that I would save up and hopefully get a couple of these units to stack on top of one another. As luck would have it a couple of days later some of these units (4 to be precise) turned up in ‘bargain corner’. They were already stacked in pairs and for sale at £21.50 for each pair! Bargain indeed! I bought one pair (might go back tomorrow and buy the other one too!) and it is perfect.

In Progress:

Its perfect!



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