DVLA Madness

** UPDATE **

My replacement licence arrived this morning. Lets hope the CBT can be booked ASAP!

Well.. The CBT is postponed, as is picking up my nice new scooter. I cannot find the paper part of my provisional licence anywhere. So, an on-line application later and £22 debited from my account and I get an error message from the DVLA website: “Sorry, we’re unable to validate your identity, please fill in form D1 and mail it to us.” Grrr! I’m going to call them now and see if I really have to fill in a manual form, or, if the on-line application was successful. This will probably delay the whole process of me becoming ‘moped mobile’ by about 2 weeks! 🙁

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Louis is a Developer and all round geek from the UK with a keen interest in web technologies and mobile applications. When not playing with code, he is probably rebuilding a Linux server or watching a Netflix marathon!
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  1. rich says:

    aye but louis there are days when even you are not sure who you are so how can the dvla be sure??? 😉

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