Facebook API

In recent weeks at ID we’ve been doing a lot of work with the Facebook API to create more social interaction on some new upcoming projects. The API is HUGE and very versatile. Once you have created an app you can access the API and use it for what ever functions you wish. Ive created some sample apps that do the following recently:

  • Track fans on Facebook pages, allow page admins to see who has joined and left their pages recently by name with daily email updates. Fantracker
  • Tie in events and checkins to make events more social. This is an exciting one, and could mean great social interaction for event organisers. Flocc
  • Share links from a browser based toolbar to specific Facebook pages. Great for page admins to easily manage their content.
  • Tag facebook friends in pictures on external sites. A great idea in project development with my good friend Dan.

Watch this space!

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