My Laptop

My laptop (a Sharp – Actius MV1214) needs a new keyboard and i guess a general service as some of the screws have gone missing over the years. A review of the laptop is available here:

My laptop

If anyone knows of a good, cheap place to get a replacement keyboard – please let me know 🙂

Or should I just get this: 😉

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Louis is a Developer and all round geek from the UK with a keen interest in web technologies and mobile applications. When not playing with code, he is probably rebuilding a Linux server or watching a Netflix marathon!
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  1. Satchmo says:

    Apparently the keyboard is a Mitsumi Uk model KGLA83TG model

  2. Louis says:

    The keyboard has now been removed, so at least the thing is usuable with a USB keyboard. I’m thinking about soaking the part in flash or something similar to try to dissolve any sticky juice/coffee that might be left lurking round some of the contacts. If this works I’ll be well chuffed!

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