New Motherboard?

Last night I was having PC problems. It seems it’s either my GFX card or (more probably) my motherboard. The GFX card is brand new, but luckily I have one here at work which I will try in it tonight. The motherboard was nothing special, just a cheap available Intel one at the time I built it about 3 years ago. If money wasnt an issue, right now I’d just upgrade to a nice shiny Imac. However, in todays climate money IS an issue, so I HAVE to find another cheaper way. The graphics card, PSU and hardrives are all brand new. So either its a faulty graphics card (nothing appears on the monitors when turned on) or the motherboard is goosed and not providing power to the card or another type of failure.

Either way it’s pissing me off!!

So, any suggestions on a cheapish, good Intel based motherboard?

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