Pebble Watch


This Christmas I received my first ever proper wearable device -a Pebble smartwatch. I’ve been wanting one for ages and was chuffed to bits when Nicolas parents got me one.

I chose the Pebble Steel in matt black. So far, after using it a few days its been super useful for getting notifications from the phone, also from apps like swarm and my monitoring apps (New Relic & Pagerduty)

Its comfortable to wear and was impressed with the genuine leather strap – which won’t snap or tear anytime soon.

You can download apps and also watchfaces to the phone using the companion app. I’ve been working on am app of my own which will display stats and notifications from my chat site.

Over the next few days we’ll get the opportunity to use the Pebble┬á on the road while we visit friends. I’m thinking its going to be useful for navigation and receiving alerts amend notifications in the car.

About Louis

Louis is a Developer and all round geek from the UK with a keen interest in web technologies and mobile applications. When not playing with code, he is probably rebuilding a Linux server or watching a Netflix marathon!
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