Creating a Apple Time Machine on Debian Linux (Jessie)


I fancied updating my Mac laptop to the latest beta so needed an easy way to back it up.

By far the easiest method I’ve found is to use Apples own “Time Machine” this can use a local USB disk, or a NAS.

In this case, we’ll make our Debian linux (Jessie) server into a Time Machine for this purpose.

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Back to Fluxbox

Today I switched back to using Fluxbox on my main linux system at work. I was having major performance issues and boy has it worked! I had forgotten just how fast it was! Dual monitors were a breeze to setup using xrandr and grandr. A few apps added to the start up file and I was in business. Loving Fluxbox yet again!

Easy Backup Script

While waiting for a laptop to install today I thought it would be a nice idea to backup its drive if anything bad happened in the future. Instead of messing about with boot cd’s or PXE booting, I opted for the simple approach. Extract the drive, plug it in another machine and run DD and add a bit of gzip for some compression. I wrote the following script; if you find it useful let me know!
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